Adrian Serbanescu
Operations Manager Ubisoft Ukraine
Theme: Success model of Kiev(example of Ubisoft Kiev and the growth to 100 employees in 6 years).
Date: 2016-04-27
Room: Prut
Time: 04:00
Adrian Serbanescu started his career in Orange Romania in customer service in 2004 and continued in the HR department from 2007. After spending 7 years in Orange he made a switch to Ubisoft Romania as C&B Manager in the HR department in 2011. From this position he started to expand into business development, investigating opening new studios in Eastern Europe and new business lines in the existing studios. At the end of 2014 he joined Ubisoft Ukraine as Operations Manager where he is currently coordinating operation. At the moment, Ubisoft Ukraine is focused on strengthening Ubisoft’ s presence on PC. His role is to support the growth of Ubisoft Ukraine as a production studio and to develop different business lines in Kiev. At the same time, he continues to coordinate projects in different countries in Eastern Europe.

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