What is Moldova ICT Summit?
Moldova ICT Summit is the leading industry event aimed to gather all industry stakeholders, including
government, business, multinationals, professionals and academia, to discuss trends and challenges
facing the ICT industry globally and in the country, and define the roadmap for development and effective
integration of technology, as well as the agenda for growing ICT sector competitiveness.


 Who should attend?
For various tracks the audience differs from Government officials, business representatives, industry 

donor community, international and national experts, developers, professionals.


 What sessions are included in the Summit?
The summit this year will focus on seven main tracks. More


 How to register?
In order to register, please fill in the registration form. For each session you should register separately. Please pay

attention you might not be able to register at several parallel sessions. There will be a validation procedure according

to your background with an approval sent to you 7 days before the event itself.


 When to register?
You can start registering from the 1st of April. Every Friday until the event the lists will be validated according 

 the following criteria:

  • Work background (related to the session applied);
  • Age;

Certain tracks might be by invitations only.


 How are the participants validated?
Once your request is submitted, we will get back to you with the best possible options to fit your application.


 Are the sessions against a fee?



 Are lunches and coffee breaks offered at the Summit?
Lunches are included only for VIP guests and/or speakers. Coffee breaks will be offered for the general public.


 If I am a developer or IT professional, where do I fit in?

This year there is a separate dedicated track Software as Craft dedicated entirely to professionals in the field.


 Can I choose only one session?

Yes, you can, but be careful not to choose sessions that are running in parallel. The organizers will not validate your registration.


 Once I’m validated, should I present the confirmation letter at the event itself?

It would be nice to have it just in case there is a misunderstanding on the place.


 When do I need to register at the event?

The registration is open starting April 1st, 2015.


 If I want to give a presentation, how do I apply?
You can apply by completing the application form.


 What are the rates for the presentation?
All rates can be found in our Commercial Presentation Packages


 Who is the main audience of the presentations?
As soon as you provide us with the required information regarding your target audience, we will make sure 
that your presentation is attended exclusively by people you need.


 Can I suggest you my list of participants?
Yes you can. In the application form you have a special field for the companies you want to attend your presentation.


 Will I receive the participants list and their contact?
Yes, but only for partners. Once we complete the validation of all summit applications, we will provide you 
with a list containing participants’ names and contact information.


 How will potential customers receive information about my presentation?
As soon as we get information on your target audience or companies you want to attend your presentation, our team 
will get in touch with them and provide all necessary information about your solution/product. 


 For other questions, please, contact our team.