Pavel Filip  

Pavel Filip, the Minister of Informational Tehnologies and Communications

 "We are obliged to apply innovations and put them in the service of the people. Moreover, being a country with no raw materials, we must understand that our potential is people and their knowledge. Therefore it is good to have people well trained in a information society."

   Veaceslav Kunev


 Veaceslav Kunev, President of National Association of Private ICT Companies

’’Our companies will reach a new level of competition. To meet this competition, new challenges for their business, you will need to raise productivity and efficiency. In this respect, information technologies can help increase efficiency Moldovan business, so to turn it into a competitive one.’’                                                                             




   William H. Moser, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

"In contemporary society the role of information technology is becoming increasingly important. In Moldova, ICT is currently 9% of GDP, providing well-paid jobs for 22 thousand people. The state should support that area and keep these people in the country. For 8 years, Moldova has increased exports software to 10 times."