Iurie Leancă, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova in 2014 

"We need cooperation and solidarity for the common goal of modernization of the country. Summit is a platform for dialog, share experiences and create partnerships ".

 Pavel Filip



Pavel Filip, the Minister of Informational Tehnologies and Communications

 "We are confident that together we will succeed to create an environment for the development of a modern information society where technologies will become the centerpiece of raising the quality of life, and to improve the business environment and definitively will eliminate corruption."





 Kara C. McDonald, Deputy US Ambassador

"The US supports these objectives and support the improvement of the judicial system, tax and customs through the application of Information Technologies. The sector has a huge growth potential. The ICT industry offers well-paid jobs to over 20 thousand people "


   Veaceslav Kunev


 Veaceslav Kunev, President of National Association of Private ICT Companies

’’Moldova ICT Summit is a unique event in the country and the region, constituting the most relevant platform that brings together business, government, educational institutions to discuss the issues of ICT development. It is very important that initiatives will be discussed subsequently be launched and generate the expected results.’’