Moldova ICT Summit 2017


March 30, 2017

Be great together.



Main Room

9:00 - 9:30 Registration 
9:30 - 11:00





SESSION I. ICT Ecosystem Development Strategy



AVASANT, Moldova in the global ICT Framework

Vitalie TARLEV, Deputy Minister of ICT, Internal evolutions and objectives

H.E. James D. PETTIT, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

H.E. Signe BURGSTALLER, Swedish Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

Irina STRAJESCU, President of the National Association of the ICT Companies

Nadiya VASILIEVA, Microsoft GM Hub Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine



SESSION I. The Lean Workshop


The Lean Startup Methodology
Daria NEPRIAKHINA, Founder at Ideahackers, Lean expert in Rockstart Launchtrack and Smart Energy Accelerator Programs


Protocol Photo, Press Briefing

11:00 - 11:30    Break










11:30 - 13:30

SESSION II. Moldova's Competitive Development Steps


Growing IT business in Moldova, hacks & tips, Vasile NEDELCIUC, Founder and Chairman of ICS Endava SRL – a subsidiary of ENDAVA GROUP LTD, Alexei GUTAGA, Founder of several startups, including Hailatara


Oracle Strategies for a Modern Business, Marius VASILE, Sr. Territory Sales Manager – Romania & Moldova, Oracle Romania 


Innovation Enabling Ecosystem in Georgia, Irakli KASHIBADZE, CEO Future Laboratory


StarNet IT Park project - Digital City Ciprian POSTARU, CEO Digital City

SESSION II. Skills developing programs


Presentation of the first Internet of Things Lab in Moldova Sergiy POPLAVSKY, Microsoft Ukraine


Digital transformation; Risk or Opportunity for the Workforce? Nikos IANNOU, Strategic Initiatives Lead, Workforce Development Programme, EMEA Oracle


How UNDP plans to promote collaborative innovation for SMEs on the basis of the UNDP’s Business Innovation Lab, Dumitru VASILESCU, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova


Tekwill Academy Programs, Ana CHIRITA, Senior Project Coordinator, Tekwill; Olesea VIERU, Skills and Partnerships Development Manager, Tekwill


Launch of Brain Basket Program, Illia ONYSCHENKO, Head of Project Office, Brain Basket, Andrii SOROKHAN, Program Coordinator, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Traian CHIVRIGA, Program Coordinator, Brain Basket Moldova

SESSION II. Global Trends


Eastern Europe our secret sauce benefit and disadvantages Rune SOVNDAHL, CEO, Fantastic Services


Securing your business through the death of global trends,
Victor NAPPE, Godfather of Internet cash, curently CEO CloudJacket Cyber Security

13:30 - 14:00     Lunch




SESSION III. Blockchain. Government Innovations


Center of Competence of blockchain technologies in Moldova Veaceslav CUNEV, CEO Deeplace, Dinu TURCANU, Head of Information Technology and Communication Directorate, Technical University of Moldova


Blockchain - a story of tomorrow or a reality of today, Maciej JEDRZEJCZYK, IBM Government Industry Solution Architect | IBM Certified Architect


Importance of Digital Trust in Digital Economy - IBM Point of View on Blockchain, Maciej JEDRZEJCZYK, IBM Government Industry Solution Architect | IBM Certified Architect


Visionary - Decentralised World. The future of the decentralized world, Lasha ANTADZE, Author of the decentralised auction project


The first blockchain project in Moldova – Fleet Management system for UN offices, Mariana GURGHIS, UNDP; Veaceslav CUNEV, CEO Deeplace


The project: «Truecode – the national blockchain-based anti- counterfeit system», Veaceslav CUNEV, CEO Deeplace




SESSION III. Tech Future Education


An Introduction to 3D Printing
Josef DUNNE, Champion Prints 3D stories


How Augmented reality can be used in education Alex STIRBU, Bully Chisinau



How modern technologies can make education more efficient, accessible and better,
Dionisie NIPOMICI, Harvard Student




Game for youth to learn ICT, Veceslav CABURGAN, Codifun



SESSION III. Inspiring Tech Success Stories


Scaling up after product market fit
Quincy CARROLL, CPO (Chief Product Officer) Ellation


Industrial revolution 2.0 AI and automation what to expect Rune SOVNDAHL, CEO, Fantastic Services


How moldovan startups can find business angel investors, Pavel ZINGAN, Owner Zingan TV, Allmoldova


15:30 - 16:00   Break


16:00 - 17:30


SESSION IV: Blockchain. Innovations in Government


The project «First decentralised Auction 3.0 system in Ukraine. Shelf. Network, Lasha ANTADZE, Visionary - Decentralised World


Lightweight, flexible full stack system for transactional banks, Pavel KRAVCHENKO, PhD information security, Distributed Lab, Founder



Blockchain Securities as a major expansion of capital markets, Alex GAPAK, Product Owner, Ambisafe


The project «Blockchain voting system», Petru CHIRCHIȘ, Student, Technical University of Moldova, Stepan OSTAPENCO,Lecturer, Technical University of Moldova, Andrei POȘTARU,Senior Lecturer,Technical University of Moldova, Dumitru CIORBĂ, PhD, Associate Professor, Technical University of Moldova


The project: «Winetest – first blockchain wine testing system», Veacelav Cunev, CEO Deeplace, Lee GIBSON GRANT, Director, DT Moldova ltd, UK






National Program for STEM Education, John O'Sullivan, ICT Education expert, UK


Educational robotics for 21st century skills and promoting interest towards STEM, ChristinaTODOROVA, Educational Robotics Coordinator European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe


Women in Technology, Ana CUCOS, Ambassador of GirlsGoIT in Salcuta, Mihaela TCACI, Ambassador of GirlsGoIT in Salcuta, Alvetina NENITA, Participated in GirlsGoIT summer camp, Anastasia SERSUN,Software Developer, Code Factory


Office 365 for educational Institutions, Dinu TURCANU, Head of Information Technology and Communication Directorate, Technical University of Moldova


Rockstart Answers Chisinau

18:30 - 20:00

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