Moldova ICT Summit 2016

The key IT event of the year aimed to gather national and international stakeholders to share best practices in developing Information Society in the Republic of Moldova, policy evolutions, bridging ICT and education, foster the digital engagement and spread the knowledge for an involved, responsible, digital society. It aims at highlighting the actions and steps that lead to a knowledge based society and development of the ICT.



The first day agenda 
The second day agenda 


Who will participate?

 Local Government Stakeholders 
 Leading ICT companies
 Highly ranked experts
 Foreign Governments Representatives
 IT Professionals
 World known Entrepreneurs


Grand Opening:

 Prime minister
 Minister of ICT
 US Ambassador
 President ICT Association


This year the event will focus on the following tracks: 




This year’s track proposes to address all the promised activities developed in the area of ICT, as well as highlight global trends on Governments integration of ICT to support development of the digital economy, entrepreneurship, efficiency increase, strengthening and education of local societies and closing of the existing ICT skills gaps. At this session we collaborate with Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, which will begin with the report of the Prime Minister and Minister of ICT and present the realizations within Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy. Industry and government will discuss future plans to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and promote the development of the entrepreneurial sector.



 ICT 4 Internet Human Rights                                                                                                                            

The conference The Internet Users Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Day aims at promoting the idea of the Internet related multi-stakeholder platform in the Republic of Moldova in order to underline both the CoE and Moldova’s Government vision of a people-centred approach to the Internet policies. 



 ICT Startup                                                                                                                                                            

This track will gather a number of leaders in social entrepreneurship that will present the strategy for the Republic of Moldova: Startup Development Future, Moldova 2030. The participants will learn what kind of resources and tools can be used to promote and grow the business and which are the attracting investment tactics, how to develop great product with tens of millions of users. The effective models and innovative concepts suchas growth hacking, link building, email conversion, internet of things shall be discussed. 




This track will emphasize Moldova’s opportunities of closing the gap for the shortage of skills. The Education sessions will cover the ICT Excellence Center positioning, improving vocational ICT education, ICT in education trends and their applicability for Moldova.




This track will serve as a platform to address business efficiency through ICT and highlight solutions ICT vendors offer to non-IT sectors. It will bring leading industry representatives on one side and targeted representatives of the business community on the other side. A series of session on ICT products and services dedicated to reduce the operating costs of the companies, streamline the internal processes, optimize the hardward, software and human resources used within the companies shall be presented.




ICT professionals shall  learn the latest techniques and practices and will have the opportunity to exchange best practices. Presentations shall refer to the latest trends, technologies and tools that may be exploited by IT specialists. Scala, Swift, Erlang, .NET, Redis, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online are just some of the topics that shall be discussed. Professionals in the appropriate fields shall come with practical tips, examples, advice and useful suggestions.

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