Day II - April 28

Moldova ICT Summit 2016

Empowering Tech Future


ICT 4 Internet Human Rights

Raut Room

ICT 4 Education

Prut Room

ICT 4 Professionals

Nistru Room

8:30 - 9:00 Registration 
9:00 - 9:30 



Mr. Vasile BOTNARI, Minister of ICT of Moldova


Mr. Jose Luis HERRERO, Head of Council of Europe Office to the Republic of Moldova 


H.E. Mr. Pirkka TAPIOLA, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova 


H.E. Mr. Dirk Van EEKHOUT, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Council of Europe


Mr. Michael YAKUSHEV, ICANN Vice-President for Eastern Europe 




Mrs. Corina FUSU, Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova

Mr. Gerhard SCHUMBERGER, Head of the Austrian Development Cooperation 

 9:30 - 11:00

SESSION I. Internet Public Service Value in the Republic of Moldova 


Moderator: Vitalie TARLEV, Deputy Minister of ICT of the Republic of Moldova


Vitalie TARLEV, Deputy Minister of ICT of the Republic of Moldova


Beyond access and right to information: e-Libraries enhance the use of ICT by all users
Mr. Evan TRACZ, Country Director of IREX Moldova - Novateca Global Libraries Program ICT-driven Innovation in Public Service Modernization


Ms. Cornelia AMIHALACHIOAE, Performance& Social Innovation Officer Moldova e-Government Center


Mr. Lilian PLATON, Legal Advisor Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology


Mrs. Ana CHIRITA, Executive Director of the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

SESSION I. Human capital for a tech future


e-Education Strategy; Digital Manual; e-Competences, Educational Portal Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova


Updating the IT skills GAP

John O'SULLIVAN, Igor BERCU, USAID Competitiveness Project


Vocational Education in IT today and its perspectives


Stakeholder discussion on the recommendations for bridging the skills gap


SESSION I. High Load


Building scalable, resilient and responsive systems
Corneliu BOHANTOV, Development Lead, Endava


Reactive Streams 

Dorin COBZAC, Senior Developer, Endava


Enterprise mobility approach within digital transformation

Andrii VASYLCHENKO, Mobile API Economy Technical sales, IBM Europe

11:00 - 11:30    Coffee Break offered by Council of Europe
11:30 - 13:00

SESSION II. Internet as the global multi-stakeholder platform to enhance human rights 

Moderator: Ms. Veronica CRETU, President of Open Government Institute of Moldova


Information Society development in Moldova based Internet Human Rights
H.E. MR. Andrei GALBUR,
Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova


New Council of Europe Internet Governance Strategy 2016-2019 and Recommendation on Internet Freedom
H.E. Mr. Dirk Van EECKHOUT, Permanent Representative to the CoE, Thematic Coordinator on Information Policy


MR Michael YAKUSHEV, ICANN Vice-President for Eastern Europe


Xenia SIMINCIUC, Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights 

Simon OBSTBAUM, Founder and CEO, Yopeso


The role of Civil Society in the multi-stakeholder dialogue on Internet Governance
Ms. Veronica CRETU, President of Open Government Institute (NGO), Republic of Moldova 

SESSION II. Practical application of ICT in Education


Digitalization - Important Trend for a Qualitative Education
Sergiu POSTICA, Strategy, Business Development & Regulatory Affairs Director
Victoria MUSTEATA, Corporate Communication&CSR Manager, Orange, Moldova


Developing and Sustaining Continuous Professional Development for teachers using Educational Technology

Neelam PARMAR, Director of E-Learning at Ashford School, United Learning Trusts


Office365. Innovations in education process
Dinu TURCANU, Office365 implementation unit lead at Technical University of Moldova
Sergiu CORLAT, Director IT at Tiraspol State University

SESSION II. Coding Trends



Do we really need new programming languages? 

Vlad DRAHNEA, iOS Developer, Endava, Moldova
Stefan POPA, Mobile application developer, Endava, Moldova



Programming paradigms and design
patterns or how to cook JS and watch “Game of Thrones”
Ilie Valeriu CIRCIUMARU, Java and JS developer, DAAC System Integrator, Moldova


New trends and challenges in mobile development
Evghenii NICOLAEV, Developer, Endava, Moldova
Mihail BOHNEARSCHI, Software Engineer, Endava, Moldova

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

SESSION III. Council of Europe System of the Human Rights Protection on the Internet
Moderator: Dr. Monica HORTEN, CoE expert

CoE and ECHR Standards on Freedom of Expressin on the Internet, The Guide to Human Rights for Internet Users
Dr. Monica HORTEN, CoE expert


Freedom of Expression and Information online in Moldova
Ms. Nadine GOGU, Executive Director of the Independent Journalism Centre of Moldova


CoE and ECHR Standards o Data Protection and Right to Privacy Online
Ms. Nevena RUZIC, CoE expert


Online Privacy and Data Protection in Moldova
National Center for Personal Data Protection


Moldovan civil society perspectives on cybercrime issues
Mr. Ion MANOLE, President Promo-LEX Association

SESSION III.  International Experience on ICT for Education


Ensuring Inclusive and Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for All by Means of ICT. UNESCO Approach and IITE experience

Prof. Alexander KHOROSHILOV, PhD
Head a.i. of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education


Creating an Effective Pedagogical Workflow in the Classroom

Neelam PARMAR, Director of E-Learning at Ashford School, United Learning Trusts


Panel Discussion: Transparent schools - 

prosperous communities: Online payments as a tool for improving the transparency of collecting informal payments in schools

Anatol GREMALSCHI, Program Director, Institute for Public Policy
Valentina CHICU, Education Expert
Dan PERCIUN, Expert, Centre for Analysis and Evaluation of Reforms

SESSION III. Agile development

Decide at the Last Responsible Moment 

Florin CARDASIM, Co-Founder Code Camp University, Romania


Agile Architecture - growing your architecture in the agile landscape
Florin CARDASIM, Co-Founder Code Camp University, Romania



15:30 - 16:00     Coffee Break offered by Council of Europe
 16:00 - 17:00

SESSION IV. Cybercrime and its relation to Human Rights 

Safeguards, guarantees and public-private cooperation in the exercise of the procedural powers under the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime
Mr. Marko JURIČ, CoE expert
Moderator: Dmitry Beresnev - Software Asset Management and Compliance Lead CEE New Markets, Microsoft


Cybercrime and its relation to Internet Human Rights in Moldova
General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova
MR. Dmitry Beresnev, Microsoft Senior Anti-Piracy Manager,
CEE New Markets
MR. Alexandru PUTERE, Child protection department of the Centre for combating computer crimes
MR. Alexandru FITI, Head of information security Department, Centre for combating computer crimes, Police General Inspectorate of Moldova
MS. Ana REVENCO, President of the International Center La Strada Moldova


Conclusions and adoption of Joint Statement on
protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and Internet in the Republic of Moldova.



SESSION IV: Growing the next Generation of Women in Technology



Testimonial sharing: Programs leading young women in Mobile and Web development in Moldova
Corneliu EFTODI, National Program Coordinator, UN Women Moldova

Ana COBZAC, GirlsGoIT in Ungheni Ambassador

Ana CUCOS, GirlsGoIT in Salcuta Ambassador,

Inna DONOS, Informatics teacher from L.T. "Vasile Alecsandri" in Balti.

Cătălina DUMBRĂVEANU, Iulia PASTUSOC, Valeria PAIU, Patrisia LISOVSKI, Student from L.T. "Vasile Alecsandri" in Balti

Sara HOY, Peace Corps Volunteer from Pennsylvania, has been in Moldova since June 2014 serving as a Community and Organizational Development Advisor in Balti.


Road map to 2020: Strategic Partnership in Empowering Women and Girls in and through ICT in Moldova
Ulziisuren JAMSRAN,  UN Women Moldova
Ana SOCHIRCĂ, ODIMM & National Platform of Women in Moldova
Constanta POPA, Moldcell




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